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Apple contractors hear a small part of Siri recordings

Apple contractors hear a small part of Siri recordings

A report by Guardian claimed that Apple contractors regularly hear confidential medical information, drug deals, and recordings of couples having sex, as part of their job providing quality control, or ’grading’, the company’s Siri voice assistant. Apple defended the efforts in a statement, saying that ’less than 1% of daily Siri activations’ are used for grading.

Dave 1 year

nuh-uh, I just mentioned to my brother that apple is always recording what we say and my phone said "no we aren't".

Dave 1 year

The rest are heard by the NSA.

H.R. Pufnstuf
H.R. Pufnstuf 1 year

We at Apple assure our customers that all information is private. And we take privacy very seriously. Apple tech: <<Uncontrollable laughing >> Siri: Hey guys, check this shit out! This dude is soooo stupid! He asked me if water is wet!

bobby_5150 1 year

When you say small, you mean what, 80 - 90%?

J Barnes
J Barnes 1 year

this should not be a shock to anybody

Starr 1 year

I swear, Apple might as well trademark "a very small percentage" at this point

Potatoes are good
Potatoes are good 1 year

I was actually shocked to hear there wasn't a person in the phone answering all of my stupid questions.

ShivatheObserver 1 year

*Alonso Harris from Training Day* No shit! 😮

Sir_Kutz 1 year


WhatMeWorry? 1 year

And sub-humans.

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