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’Pink Lady Bandit’ wanted by FBI for four bank robberies

’Pink Lady Bandit’ wanted by FBI for four bank robberies

The FBI is on the lookout for a woman with a pink hand bag for reportedly four bank robberies along the East coast. The first took place at Orrstown Bank in Carlisle in Pennsylvania on 20 July. The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward to catch the robber dubbed the ’Pink Lady Bandit’.

Tom A
Tom A
AD C 1 year

I can't wait to hear about how it's sexist to give her that nickname.

Dave 1 year

C'mon could have called her the Pink Panther!

Himadri Mandal
Himadri Mandal 1 year

wow! woman committing a crime? impossible! #believeallwomen

ShivatheObserver 1 year

Only a woman could steal and still get called a lady.

Kenguru Safari
Kenguru Safari 1 year

but when illegals do it

Joe Joyce
Joe Joyce 1 year

I hope she isn’t caught cause this is bold as hell

ICblades 1 year

isnt that a guy trying to pass as a woman?

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