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The Netherlands ban burqa in public places

The Netherlands ban burqa in public places

After a decade long political debate, The Netherlands has banned wearing of a face-covering veil, burqa or niqab, in public buildings and on transport from Thursday. Between 200 and 400 women are estimated to wear a burqa or niqab in the country of 17 million people.

Tom A
Tom A
Julian 1 year

It’s time to pass a law like this in the US

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 1 year

They need this in the UK, the latest LGBTQP hate crime was from a Muslim woman screaming at a gay man in the streets but she will never be identified because of her ninja mask....

Jax Milovitch
Jax Milovitch 1 year

Ban all their depravity

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 year

Isn’t banning it bad (to a much much lesser degree) just like forcing someone to wear it?

Firas 1 year

I'm a Muslim and I don't see a reason for wearing "Niqab" at all, how about in Non-Muslim countries? I'm not saying banning is a solution cause I believe it will lead into more hatred between people.

GG WP 1 year

When is the law that bans muzzles coming in to effect?

Zak Thompson
Zak Thompson 1 year

Looks like the Dutch aren't as keen on "Multiculturalism" as they thought.

F G 1 year

That is what we need in the UK. But I can't see that happening any time soon. It's all bought by the saudis

Gucci Swag B
Gucci Swag B 1 year

As a Dutch person I'm pretty sure we already had this as a law ages ago, maybe they're going to start enforcing it now... even if it might hurt the feefeees of the most intolerant and violent people in our country. Islam has no place in the west do you want to wrap yourself in a curtain? Cool do it in the desert not here.

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 1 year

Islamic fundamentalism isn't compatible with the West, integrate or go home. All you idiots white knighting for freedom of expression, should hold hands with your wife's boyfriend in a European Muslim neighborhood and get back to me on tolerance.

WWG1WGA 1 year

100% in any public place no one should have their face covered especially terrorist

The Dragon
The Dragon 1 year

Thank you Sweden

Koda C
Koda C 1 year

I thought Islam taught their followers that they must obey the laws of the land in which they reside? Shouldn’t have to enforce it if Muslims are true to their faith.

Dean! 1 year

Only 200/400 women. I call bullshitttttttttttttttttt

flinx101 1 year

they need this law in Portland

Jason 1 year

it will be too late, when our streets are filled with ugly women.

ICblades 1 year

ninja attacks are on the rise we need Matthew Perry to crawl out of his grave to fight the new ninja infestation

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 1 year

Empowerment of the victims of self victimisation. Whether they like it or not. Bwhahahahahaha.

Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor 1 year

They need this law in the US.

thenachomancer 1 year

instead of banning religious face coverings they should treat covering your face while committing a crime to be a form of resisting arrest. then it's not "islamaphobic" and it'll be a good legal measure against antifa.

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