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US-Russia arms control treaty poised to end on Friday

US-Russia arms control treaty poised to end on Friday

A 1987 treaty signed by former cold war powers US and Russia limited their medium-range missiles, both conventional and nuclear. US will officially withdraw from this Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty on Friday, clearing the way for a new arms race with Russia - and throwing China into the mix. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called the demise of the treaty a dangerous step.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 1 year

UK Express headline never disappoints.

Jax Milovitch
Jax Milovitch 1 year

It’s not WW3 it’s just the same shit going on years. Still if a shots fired then sure we can start raving ww3 Don’t nuke me plz

Zachary Brooks
Zachary Brooks 1 year

We would be dumb to think that other countries have not been breaking these pacts and treaties secretly for years. It makes sense to think that after seeing the results of the Paris Climate Accords

R0411 1 year

Damnit Trump, I hope you know what you are doing. War sucks, and no one needs one, especially not between the US and Russia. But we'll see, maybe he will make a new deal. He better make it green so that all the countries that don't want to work towards nuclear disarmament don't have too, and they will still get what the other countries that worked for it got.

OzWolf67 1 year

I wouldn’t read too much into the hype. What the treaty prohibited was new development in mid range missiles. Which both side ignored unofficially as regular mission ready updates to systems are required on both sides. Especially since 1987. So, we can now official retire old systems and build out newer versions.

michael zubas
michael zubas 1 year


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