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U.S. adds 164k jobs in July, yet the unemployment rate stays the same

U.S. adds 164k jobs in July, yet the unemployment rate stays the same

U.S. employers slowed their hiring in July but still added a solid 164,000 jobs to an economy that appears poised to extend its decade-long expansion. The unemployment rate remained at 3.7% for a second straight month, the Labor Department said Friday. Average hourly earnings rose 3.2% from a year ago, up from a 3% year-over-year gain in June.

Ryan Strasser
Ryan Strasser
F G 1 year


Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 1 year

All thanks to the god emperor.

AY-MO 1 year

How many of those jobs are full time and pay over $20 an hour with benefits.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 1 year

Until September, when the jobs end.

Liberum 1 year

When again did AOC say the world was going to end?

tenoclock 1 year

Orange Man Good!!

Human Kaleidoscope
Human Kaleidoscope 1 year

wow yes amazing. America is great because there's so many jobs that people can have TWO and that way finally achieve ONE complete income!!! thanks Trump!!!!1!!1!

BumperCar 1 year

Isn't it's trend to have 2 jobs in the US?

Darth Quaint
Darth Quaint 1 year

Zero hedge be like, "it's all downhill from here" talking job growth, but did they stop to consider that that was going to happen when we reached a critical mass of low unemployment? We're at a point where wages are going to get competitive to attract workers which is good and if we can control the rate of immigration into our country and not be open borders like the hard left seem to want because "think of these poor people we're just using for political points", then we'll have a chance to set a standard minimum that might not kick inflation as hard.

Michael Shields
Michael Shields 1 year

God bless you Trump.

Test Steam
Test Steam 1 year

Africa needs Trump. Unlike the US we know how to increase the majority demographics growth rate, basically rolling power cuts means there's nothing else to do... We also know how to increase the unemployment at an even higher rate, plus we know how to get hand outs. Your left wing most stop calling him a racist bigot white supremacist that's our method for getting money. He must look after the source of slavery as the US got their slaves for too cheap and now he must pay back! At least that's what a local politician said. 🙈 Congrats on a great president and economy who does''t pander to PC. I never liked Trump before he was POTUS but he certainly gets good results.

Eric Butler
Eric Butler 1 year

Could the economy possibly be more important than trumps racist rhetoric?

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 1 year

now we just need to motivate more people to get back into the economy.

DunkaccinoVEVO 1 year

Wow, amazing. Keep up the good work.

Elias Leal
Elias Leal 1 year

Could it be FAKE news spewing lies. They say all this job Trump has created where are this jobs ? You mean part time employee Walmarts ? There's no jobs in this country same lies deception predatory practices and games design to keep poor man poor. Thanks Obama so great African American Affirmative Action is so great .same lies told when Obama & Clinton's administration ran the world.

Brandon Huber
Brandon Huber 1 year

So people are just working more jobs, not more people are finding a good job. Not a good economy for most people.

Larry 1 year

Off set by the highschool kids demanding a $15 "livable wage" for flipping burgers in an after school part time job.

Forrest  Trump
Forrest Trump 1 year


Brian 1 year

Trump is riding Obama's wave.. Take a look at the s & p 500 during Obama years and also look at the unemployment rate on the .gov site. This will be hard for some of you to comprehend but Obama brought the unemployment rate from 10% to 4%. Trump has done nothing but enjoy what was already in process!

william 1 year

Stop! There already employed

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