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No More Headphone Jack

No More Headphone Jack

The Galaxy Note 10 is not expected to come with a built in headphone jack. An image of a new Samsung USB C to 3.5mm adapter was released ahead of the Galaxy Note 10.

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud
FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 year

Having a phone that can swap out the Google and Facebook spyware by upgrading to different operating systems would be the best thing to happen to the market. Samsung needs to allow their hardware to be maximized by as many Operating System developers as possible because you cannot trust a company like Alphabet or other socialist media companies, that lie, cheat and steal putting the lives of many of its customers at risk while having those very same customers bank accounts and payment services shut down. Time to start distancing your self from socialist media companies and authoritarian tyrants hell-bent on returning communist mass murder to the people. A free market means Hardware Owners get to choose what Operating System they run and what software they use. Just say no to the communist tyrants and their socialist media and service offerings.

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 1 year

Well, that was going to be my next phone. Nope. Edit: what was the excuse for removing the jack? Space? This phone is the size of a small car.

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