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More than 300 detained in Moscow for protesting, including opposition figure

More than 300 detained in Moscow for protesting, including opposition figure

More than 300 people were detained in Moscow for attending a protest to demand free elections, including prominent activist Lyubov Sobol. Authorities warned the demonstration was illegal and removed Sobol from a taxi, bundled her into a van minutes before the start of the protest. Anti-Kremlin activists described it as a peaceful walk to protest against the exclusion of their candidates.

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 1 year

Wow, they actually say everyone is free to protest, but government just has to approve it first. I think they're confused about what the word "free" means. It's like saying a slave is free to go, but the owner just has to approve it first.

Dave 1 year

What protesters? We know of no protesters. Now, move along, we have large hole to dig.

Alex Stovall
Alex Stovall 1 year

And trump is the dictator?

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 1 year

Putin has to be sure that nobody besides his hand selected "opponents" get to be on the ballot. It's political theater and a shame that the Russian people are trapped in such a broken and backwards system.

Stephen 1 year

What's this? Actual Fascism? But I was told that was the bad orange man.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 year

I smell a revolution brewing.. Nicholas II would be proud

Deborah Hunter
Deborah Hunter 1 year

we have to have permission to protest here too

Star Alien
Star Alien 1 year

Protestors get arrested in the US all the time. J20 anyone?

KC 1 year

This is how the US should treat antifa protesters!

FilisKGB 1 year

Yeah Russia rigged U.S. election hahahaha, Russia can't even rig their own elegantly.

Sqeptiq MqSqeptiq
Sqeptiq MqSqeptiq 1 year

. Долой всех, кто против Путина!

Lukasz Magierowski
Lukasz Magierowski 1 year

They can't just let Putin or Medvedev not win, can't everyone understand? :P

Prismarine 1 year

Anyone reminded of that image where a Russian is wearing a mask that isn't even on his face properly? I guess that's common there.

- Minus -
- Minus - 1 year

I don’t believe anything the media pushes about Russia anymore.

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