French police fire teargas at protestors in Nantes

French police fire teargas at protestors in Nantes

People gathered in Police in the western French city of Nantes, where the body of 24-year-old Steve Maia Canico was discovered this week. They were protesting against police violence and the unexplained death of a music festival-goer in June. Police fired teargas and water cannon at hundreds of demonstrators protesting Saturday.

Ekitchi Hoshi
Ekitchi Hoshi 5 months

Stupid people... instead of organizing, getting lawyers and suing to push for investigation of the police, they riot and acomplish nothing... Well it was in the same city where after a criminal suspect was shot by the police, the people though it was right to riot the next day (no time for investigation), burn random cars and a public library... The police are not special people, they are from your own community, if your community is stupid and prone to violence, that's also the kind of police you are going to get...

Bartłomiej Styczeń
Bartłomiej Styczeń 5 months

Silent March my ass, RT spewing bullshit as always. There's footage of burning barricades, attempted break in and rock throwing. Police brutality is a huge problem in France, but the protesters are not completely innocent either.

Justin Coplin
Justin Coplin 5 months

My biggest issue with French protesters has been their proclivity to target private property more than their government.

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