New Zealand to decriminalize abortion laws

New Zealand to decriminalize abortion laws

New Zealand women can now access abortion in an equitable and timely manners as it will become legal for all women that would reclassify terminations as a health matter rather than a crime. The current law says abortion is a crime and legal only in cases of incest, ’mental subnormality’ or foetal abnormality, or where the physical or mental health of the mother is at serious risk.

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 6 months

Murdering a child so that women can avoid responsibility will never be a "medical procedure," no matter how many times these freaks say it. I've yet to hear a person who brings up rape / incest accurately cite the rarity of it, the rarity of termination being needed to save the mother's life, and I've yet to hear an explanation that doesn't translate to a eugenicist premise for existing adults; Not surprising considering Margaret Sanger and the ungodly proportions of African American children killed to this day.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 6 months

What's with all theese sick SOBS wanting late term abortion at 20 weeks the baby has a functioning brain, heart, all its limbs, and it can feel pain. In order to abort it you litterally need to tear the baby limb by limb the poor thing conscious of the procedure. Life begins when the two gametes fuse to form a zygote. This is conception. When the Zygote is formed it is a living being that puts up a protective wall to prevent other gametes from attatching to it. This is a clear example of a life form defending itself. Regardless at the moment of conception an organism is formed that has its own unique strand of DNA it is wrong to snuff this out of existence. Since Roe v Wade there has been over 66million abortions preformed in the US alone atleast 90% of them for the Convience. Thats more deaths then Hitler, Mao, and Stallin combined. Liberals always say that they'd would stop the next halocaust but they ignore the one happening in front of there eyes and worse of all they advocate for it.

Matías Cabrera
Matías Cabrera 6 months

medically speaking, doctors shouldn't do abortions, since they can damage the mother's body and killing the child that tries to defend itself (mother first because of the debate if a fetus is alive or not, i agree on the side of it living)

Sir_Kutz 6 months


Spartan Life
Spartan Life 6 months

Wait what there still a First World nation where this was illegal? Well I’m sad that more babies are gonna be killed but I’m more just confused that this issue has not come up before given the pro abortion rights bent in our current political system.

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 6 months

New Zealand are not doing anything of the sort. This governments friends in the overseas media are jumping the gun ever so slightly here. They have to get through an obstacle known as Parliament first, I know a real pain for this bourgeois woke Labour Party but nevertheless an obstacle all the same. Of course allying yourself with an ethno nationalist outfit like Nz first just to cobble together a government may have its downsides on show with this one.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 6 months

Communist looking to genocide Western babies in support of her debunked Malthusian theory. Socialist only bring mass murder and cannibalism. Their only achievement is a body count of 300 million murdered in less than a hundred years. Not achievement sane people aspire to.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 6 months

New Zealand, where they ban all guns because no life should be lost while allowing lifes to be ended for reasons as arbitrary as mental health...

Little Scar
Little Scar 6 months

Saves a man from being financially ruined in a feminist family court system. In a way, abortion is male empowerment 👍 Awaiting the feminist""reeee"" since I flipped their logic.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 6 months

...Well this SUCKS.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 6 months

It took a long time to get this religion based law off the books. Kudos to NZ for taking another great step into the 21st century!

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