War with Iran is the mother of all wars: Iran president

War with Iran is the mother of all wars: Iran president

In a speech broadcasted live on state-television on Tuesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani issued a warning: ’Peace with Iran is the mother of peace,’ Rouhani said. ’War with Iran is the mother of all war.’ Rouhani and other Iranian officials accuse the United States of engaging in ’economic terrorism.’ Rouhani said, Iran is willing to talk with US if all sanctions are lifted.

Blehgior 6 months

Iranians need to rebel against their government before they get them all killed.

L C 6 months

more aggressive rhetoric in response to countries defending their personal assets not even at the expense of iran, question is when will they cave and continue trying to convince the world theyre being bullied into a war they dont want? can only repeat this cycle so many times before you actually get your war

Magister Mortran
Magister Mortran 6 months

Saddam Hussein used the exactly same words. A month later he was overthrown and Baghdad occupied by US troops. Against Iran it will not be the Mother of all Wars, but rather the Grandmother of all Wars.

- Minus -
- Minus - 5 months

For them maybe.

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 6 months

They must be getting really nervous to use such cliche rhetoric. Last time we fought the "mother of all wars" Saddams forces lasted a little over a month, maybe the Iranian military to really stretch its ambitions and hold out for two.

Donald Darko
Donald Darko 6 months

Where have I heard that before?

SimonR 5 months

Basically islam.

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