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North Korea says Biden policy shows US intent on being hostile

North Korea says Biden policy shows US intent on being hostile

North Korean officials said on Sunday that recent comments from US President Biden and members of his admin show he is intent on maintaining a hostile policy toward Pyongyang. North Korea’s foreign ministry called Biden’s comments about its nuclear program ’intolerable’ and a ’big blunder.’ A separate foreign ministry statement the US is ’girding itself up for an all-out showdown.’

Braindead 1 weeks

Sad Biden has a big mouth and always knows how to put his foot and leg down his throat. He was that way on TV as a vice. Thats why he was never allowed to speak when Obama was in office. THAT!! should tell you something there. Trump keep the situation with North Korea at even tilt and same with Putin. Y'all can say what you think about Trump. But I can tell one thing we had the best of 4 yrs with the best president that cared about AMERICA

peeweeherman 1 weeks

Mark my words...Biden will start WW3 ...just look at all the international hostility that has happened since he got into office

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 weeks

Biden will be like give me a sniffing kid, Kim... and I might let you invade south Korea.. *forgets about deal* North invades Biden: you can't do that they are aillies North: we had a deal! Biden: what deal!?!? *stated while sniffing child

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 1 weeks

Ummm what the hell are they even capable of doing about it?

GreenMachine 1 weeks

Remember when Trump was going to start WW3 with N. Korea?

Joy ce
Joy ce 1 weeks


MIDESSA 1 weeks

Awww hes missing his bestie. Isnt that so sweet. Remember they were in love.

edwin 1 weeks

Wow, and we were working toward peace between north and south not that long ago for the first time in 50+ years...

Nickel 1 weeks

I don't think North Korea would try anything against South Korea or anybody else since they know it would be the end of their government and Country

Seekster 1 weeks

We are hostile towards North Korea and its nuclear program. Did Kim not know that?

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