Ohio house explosion investigated as hate crime

Ohio house explosion investigated as hate crime

The home of Brad and Angela Frase in Ohio exploded around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. They were staying somewhere else while the house was repaired after an electrical fire. It is being investigated for hate crime after racial slurs and a swastika were found spray-painted nearby the destroyed home. The couple lived there for 23 years and are in complete disbelief.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 year

How do we know this was a racially motivated hate crime and not separate instances? Edgy teens put that kind of stuff on everything: desks, tables, bathroom stalls, alleyways, statues, highways. Hell. This might’ve been faked for all we know. There has been an instance where a gay guy burnt his own house down to try and pin it on Republicans. But as we all know the media needs to pin this on the fringe Far Right Republicans somehow instead of trying to tell us the basic facts.

Praise Sigmar
Praise Sigmar 1 year

This reeks of a false flag attack. maybe to get that sweet home insurance money.

Marybeth 1 year

Jesus Christ so Hang on, now the only thing you need to make it a hate crime is if a Nazi symbol and a racial slur is spray painted on a wall down the street? Well holy shit how many hate crimes have been committed then cause there are racial slurs and radical racial symbols spray painted down the street from a lot of crimes? Or does it only count if it's a swastika and racial slur against a non white citizen? Yeah stop pissing on my leg while trying to tell me it's raining. I call bullshit.

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