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2 killed in Wisconsin casino shooting; gunman also dead

2 killed in Wisconsin casino shooting; gunman also dead

An undetermined number of people were shot at a Wisconsin casino Saturday evening. Two people have been killed, besides the gunman who was shot dead. The Oneida Casino in Green Bay tweeted earlier that there was an active shooter at the casino. Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul said shortly before 10 p.m. CT that the scene ’is contained. There is no longer a threat to the community.’

Jeffrey O'Neill
Jeffrey O'Neill 4 days

8 shot in Chicago since Friday night. No one seems to care.

Ned_Flanders 4 days

Why are my upvotes worth 2 upvotes?

Highlander 4 days

If it had been a white guy his name and identity would have been.pasted all over social media within minutes so we can assume the shooters black or possibly have an ethnic minority background

yuckycrumpet 4 days

Didn’t take long for Americans getting back to the usual pattern of killing each other again huh.

michael 4 days

Assault rifles are not the biggest murder weapon in this country. It's concealed pistols.

Faittastic 4 days

Why do they always feel the need to kill someone before they get killed themselves.

good4you 4 days

The sales of guns have been rocketed.. it should not be a surprise for now and then..

Shono 4 days

As opposed to a random attack...

Randy 4 days

"active shooter" also known as "shooter" or "gunman".

Clara 4 days

Getting out of hand these terrorist attacks in the US

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