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White House enlists FCC and FTC in social media censorship order

White House enlists FCC and FTC in social media censorship order

In stepping up its scrutiny of social media companies, the White House has drafted an executive order that asks the FCC and FTC to take major roles in policing tech giants over alleged censorship on their platforms. The proposal would enlist the FCC to develop new regulations for social media sites over how they could remove or suppress content. The FTC would then use those policies in any probes.

Dawlben 1 year

They've claimed to be open forums and apply rules equally. Yet high profile people with certain views are punished and others are left alone.

RayJoeBal 1 year

government intervention is bad they should just treat them like the publishers they want to be

Magister Mortran
Magister Mortran 1 year

The FTC and FCC should not oversee what users write, but what of it gets censored. And Tech companies should be held liable in court for every single case of censorship. If a post is not against the law, censorship is illegal. Compensation for damages should be paid to thr user, like US$ 100 for any illegally deleted Tweet, US$ 500 for an illegally suspended account, US$ 5,000 and more for an illegally deleted account, if the related data is lost and the account cannot be restored. Some YouTubers spend a lot of money to produce their content. They need to be compensated for their lost content and their financial loss of revenues due to demonetization or account suspension. Tech companies need to be reminded that agreements between their users and them are contracts that cannot be unilaterally terminated or changed. And if such a clause is in the TOS, it is invalid, since it was forced on the user by the company's market dominance that often equals monopoly status.

Kyle Broflovski
Kyle Broflovski 1 year

They need to choose whether they're publishers or platforms, so that the appropriate rules can be fairly applied.

Dissapointment.exe 1 year

Damn timetravel is real, straight to 1984

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year

I don't trust those agencies.

filchface 1 year

If they don’t censor conservatives, how do you explain all the whistleblowers? I have many friends that work at google and they admit it to me, but they are not going to lose their jobs over it. These newspapers are darlings of the left, so of course they are going to lie about being favored. When they clearly don’t hold conservatives and liberals to the same standards, it’s not fair. I hate that the government has to step in and babysit, but what did they expect?

porcus 1 year

The government attempting to correct the problem caused by the government in the first place.... Personally I would prefer the protections for Big Tech to be removed entirely and then let things take their natural course; no further intervention by the government necessary.

axe 1 year

well they're going to investigate date anyone they need to investigate Facebook

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