Scaramucci says Trump will turn on everyone ’eventually’

Scaramucci says Trump will turn on everyone ’eventually’

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci responded Sunday to President Trump’s tweet attack on him. ’Eventually he turns on everyone and soon it will be you and then the entire country’, tweeted Scaramucci on Sunday while saying that Trump’s recent statements divide the country. Trump attacked Scaramucci late Saturday saying he was ’incapable of handling’ his White House job.

PhreneticNI 5 months


Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 5 months

He won't turn on everyone, he's not a democrat.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 5 months

Trump: I will hire the best, smartest people in the world". Until they are fired, then they become the worst, most stupid people in the world. It's called Trump Alchemy.

O'Brien 5 months

Let's be honest. This guy only gets play because "The Mooch" was a cool sounding name.

Need a hug bro?
Need a hug bro? 5 months

Hello pot, meet kettle.

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