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(Un)Fortunate Son 6 days
These abortions are getting out of hand
Doppleman 6 days
I was a bit mad at this article, but you made me laugh. Thank you.
Pj Sina 5 days
Because of you I am going to hell. I hope your happy! lol

Brandon 5 days
Just out of curiosity, was this a white supremacist attack or was this a just a cultural misunderstanding.
Dysentery Gary 5 days
Or maybe she just played to many video games? Why turn this into a political debate though?

RJOHN 6 days
It's a shame we can't deny parenthood.
ConcealCarryProtect 5 days
Thats called eugenics. Also called inhumane.
Barra Cudda 5 days
I disagree. Child murderers should be permanantly sterilized and have a public record as a threat to children.
david phillips 5 days
Yes and then executed.

david dindu 5 days
at least it wasnt an assault gunnnn

VaasDC 6 days
jesus christ.
david phillips 5 days
No she didn't nail her to a cross she hit her with a machete.

WhatMeWorry? 5 days
Hey guys, it’s all relative. You aren’t being very understanding. Some cultures put their children in “time out” when they are bad and others hack them with a machete. Machete hacking is a peaceful disciplinary action. It’s racist not to recognize this.

MGTOW Man 5 days
Sick. No excuse. Another one for the SJW crowd. 😐

Just An Opinion 5 days
Lauren Rodriguez... Is it too soon to say "they're not sending their best"?

Person Unknown 5 days
Ban assault knives

Mike McWay 4 days
And people still think MEN are the primary aggressors in domestic assault.
Doxia 4 days
its ussually women who kill their children, sadly