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jan morgan Froynes 4 months
Just let Germany get hurt by it, it's not like Germany didn't hurt the whole of Europe recently.
Frederic Lück 4 months
Didnt want to stay that long anyway

Barra Cudda 4 months
Sure, lets just pretend europe is not on fire.

Voice of Reason 4 months
Sounds like a win to me, Europe wanted to sit out the trade dispute and now they can fix their own problems.
Michael Ilg 4 months
Europe is not a country, it’s a continent - dimwit :-D
Liberty Justice 4 months
Michael, who is happy and eager to insult, should re-read Voice's comment. No reference to Europe as a country. EU might wish it was one country, but it's not there yet :D

Dawlben 4 months
4D Chess hurt China to hurt Merckle?