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Norway mosque shooting investigated as ’attempted act of terror’

Norway mosque shooting investigated as ’attempted act of terror’

Norwegian police said on Sunday that a shooting at a mosque near Oslo is being treated as an ’attempted act of terror’. The suspect entered the mosque on Saturday armed with multiple weapons and opened fire before being overpowered by a 65-year-old man who suffered minor injuries. Officials said the suspect appears to hold ’far-right’ and ’anti-immigrant’ views.

IIZard 1 year

Imagine failing at life so hard a 65 year old can overpower you when you're 20 and armed.

Spartan Life
Spartan Life 1 year

The shooter is now on suicide watch because he let a old man kick his ass when he was holding a gun.

No Need For Kings
No Need For Kings 1 year

this is going to happen more and more ...

Ivario Sulfust
Ivario Sulfust 1 year

Better get some gun control. Oh wait. Norway already have massively strict gun laws.

Kamran Aslam
Kamran Aslam 1 year

He looks like a woman. Maybe it's the black eyes that make it look like he's wearing eyeliner.

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