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Ryan M 4 months
If a straight pride event promotes hatred of LGBTQQIAAPPS+ and minorities, then it follows that gay pride events promote hatred against the straight white majority. Unless of course you assume that only the straight white majority is disposed toward such hatred - a view which is itself obviously bigoted.
Robert 4 months
Matías Cabrera 4 months
stop it, we're in clown world, we don't use logic
Captain Obvious 4 months
best me to it, that's exactly my first thought when reading their excuse for declining a permit. Remember the old saying, if I do X for you than I have to do X for everyone? Apparently, that doesn't apply in California.

Watheverable GRAMPS 4 months
You can only feel pride for degeneracy in Commiefornia!
Philip Vonleipzig 4 months
Ah yes not being straight=degeneracy. Nice one. Must have gotten your inspiration from the Middle Ages.
Watheverable GRAMPS 4 months
@Philip maybe I got it from the fact homosexuality is a genetic dead end and we're all alive today because straight people had sex.
Larry 4 months

Stephen 4 months
Clear case of discrimination. I would be really interested to hear the logic behind denying this and allowing every other pride parade. It's almost like they hate straight people.
Matías Cabrera 4 months
"like" they hate straight people
Ken 4 months
@Stephen - They are using the 'Not Safe' excuse. Which is in itself bullshit if it's Safe for other parades.
NotACerealKiller 4 months
@Ken There's a chance that there is a legitimate safety concern. When right wing groups parade, Antifa shows up and causes a riot. There's a chance that they're expecting something similar to happen. So it's the "fuck off somewhere else", response.

Scorpio 4 months
Being straight is becoming wrongthink
Sapper82 4 months
And God forbid you are white and a hard working male too.... holy Lord you’d think that we were evil! We only invented the free world that is the ENVY of all the rest of the world. Yep- WHITE countries. It isn’t ‘racist’ to point out facts. The thing is, our homes in the west are being invaded and we don’t have anywhere else to go, islamists do- back to the Middle East and blacks have their amazing continent of Africa (which is so good the people have created a mass exodus to get to white countries). Our homelands and culture is being savaged right now and we are being told to put up and shut up- and while you’re at it, feel guilty at the same time. I will never apologise for the successes of my forefathers, being an English patriot and war veteran, father and Christian, I’ve just about had all I can consume of this BS- the ungrateful bastards really have to abide by our laws and rules or as one President said- go home.
MEIJIN44 4 months
Let me correct you sapper. I understand not apologizing for your ancestors and acknowledge the good that was done but don't for a second think it was done by white people alone. It was western culture and thought that brought about this prosperity. Not white skin. You white people are also responsible for Communism. I don't see you making bold and proud claims about that. Almost every race and interaction went into refining the western culture and thought. Or did you forget it was the Muslims who saved the intellectual pursuits that was abandoned by Rome after it's fall. Are we going to ignore how it was slaves, natives, and white men who defeated the British? That it was freed slaves, natives, and white men from many different countries and colonies that defeated the Confederacy. That black men fought during the ww2 but not by white men's side not because they didn't want to fight for their country but because white men didn't trust them in the same company. Don't be so arrogant or ignorant. How many other races fought and died in Vietnam, Iraq, and various other desert and Asian countries to defend their country and way of life. Western values and culture doesn't die when there are no more men with white skin. Western values die when we stop being individuals and we cast aside the freedoms and responsibilities that go with it. Remember that. In millions of years there could be no humans white or otherwise. Western values can persist if remembered, translated, and taught.
Nikolozka 4 months
Thank your 51st state for that

DivineDawn 4 months
how very biggoted of them

falco81dist 4 months
its okay to be straight
white cis male monster! 4 months
Apparently not

SimonR 4 months
"Safety concerns" What bullshit.

Mod Okay 4 months
SimonR 4 months
Right to assembly. But we all know that a gay conservative hosting a straight pride rally will be targeted by left wing terrorists like antifa. So who knows maybe the city has a point.
Mod Okay 4 months
Wahh wahh its so hard to be straight in 2019 and antifa's is sooo scary. they are now worse then nazis.... snowflakes
The Oracle8191 4 months
Lmao, Mod trying to be a white knight.

Unity.Nat 4 months
Honestly Military occupation and removal of political figures in California needs to happen. They are a mockery and disgrace to the Republic of the United States
Ted Hill 4 months
Wat? A union of different states with different conditions and approaches is what makes the federal union so powerful. No single tactic, by domestic tyrant or foreign threat, can deal with the US as a whole.
Daniel McEwen 4 months
Portland. Curious to see how the Proud Boys vs AntiFa clash turns out.
Red Lens 4 months
Then hang the politicians at that point

Gucci Swag B 4 months
"All we want is equality" Equality in the leftist dictionary apparently means: 'Granting special treatment and benefits to the groups we claim to like.'
Human Kaleidoscope 4 months
always thinking things are personal 🙄 it's a matter of insurance and safety, from what I read, so calm down you snowflakes
Beisht Kione 4 months
human is right. there are alot of hateful people in California. Need to have security to protect the parade goers
Cary Brown 4 months
@Human Kaleidoscope That's the excuse that organisers always bring out when people request things they're politically opposed to and don't approve of. They always hide behind the shield of safety and security concerns. So it's safe to be gay but not safe to be straight nowadays? Is that the conclusion we have to come to?

Aniolel Seer 4 months
What is so wrong with celebrating heterosexuality?

Mandalore films 4 months
this is hetrophobic
flinx101 4 months
Heterophobic, there, fixed it for you.
Mandalore films 4 months
thanks dude

Sailorman 4 months
Firstly, they gotta get event insurance. Any city would block an event that doesn’t have insurance. If something happens and they don’t have proper insurance then they’re legally responsible for coming up with the money to pay for any damages. Once they have that and they’re still being blocked then its a story
Andrew Franklin 4 months
Completely true.
Blaeingr 4 months
It's a story if they treat other groups differently, but none of the stories include a comparison or excerpts from rules, regulations or other guidance. Basically a meh, that is meant to get clicks.
J “dr love” S 4 months
Is that why they were denied? Event insurance isn't all that much. Edit: they lost insurance because of the people threatening the parade. Other reasons given were clearly partisan. Your comment sounds like they were being lazy or cheap but clearly in context it's suppression

The Oracle8191 4 months
But muh ToLeRaNcE!!

Christopher Harris 4 months
using same logic, lgbtq parade would promote hate to straight people

The Right Perspective 4 months
This is a blatant discrimination against straight people. I hope the organisers challenge the decision.

Brady 4 months
you're not allowed straight pride, white pride is considered a terrorist ideology, and pride in being a male well that's just a social construct and if you try to have it the feminists will shout you down anyways. " WhY aRe YoUnG WhItE mEn LaShInG oUt?"

Son Of Shaw 4 months

Frederic Lück 4 months
You can only be straight if you are white
Aight Bradley 4 months
If that were true there would only be whites.

WarGreen 4 months
it's ok to be white