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Miles O'Brien 3 months
Thank you Tulsi. You show your commitment to serve your country while your opponents talk up a storm.
PhreneticNI 3 months
I appreciate this sentiment, but I doubt she had a choice in the matter. It was probably go to training or be charged with neglect of duty and thus be disqualified for the office of president.
JASOB Rocky 3 months
Tell MSM this. They seem fit to smear vets...
Dean! 3 months
She still wants to take citizens money and give it to any illegal that needs a medical treatment. She still wants to open our border. Nah I’ll pass.

me not you 3 months
if she wasn't a "gun grabber" I could see myself voting for her
michael zubas 3 months
shes not. she supports the 2nd amendment
Auster Maeson 3 months
What do you mean? Has she ever wanted to take guns away from legally armed people? I hadn’t heard if so, but you’ve peaked my curiosity.

Dysentery Gary 3 months
Bam! Now this is a true American. Meanwhile Donny plays golf and gets triggered like a snowflake and attacks everyone on Twitter. He also supports evil regimes like Saudi Arabia by selling them guns. What a 'Yuge' contrast!
cabin ceiler 3 months
Old meme
Hannibal 3 months
I don't recall this outrage when Obama was selling guns to the Saudis or running money by the hundreds of millions to Iran in the dead of night... Curious 🤔
Dysentery Gary 3 months
But...but...but...Obama! I criticized him aswell. So dont even bother.

Auster Maeson 3 months
I like her most of all out of the Democrat candidates.
Sean Christopher 3 months
Too bad the MSM has already chosen a Democratic Candidate for them and his name is Joe Biden.

Tin Ego 3 months
Here is your new President.
Moshpit God 3 months
of 2024?
Tin Ego 3 months
Might be good?
Dean! 3 months
She wants to disarm the citizens and have open borders. Nah I’ll pass bro.

Just An Opinion 3 months
Blatant PR stunt is blatant.
Dysentery Gary 3 months
If this was Trump, he was a true patriot right? *Sigh*
SimonR 3 months
What president goes on patrol..
MightyMargulis 3 months
you cant really get the army to do anything for you, in my experience in it. but if shes but buddies with the right general, maybe. ive never meet a Democrat officer in the army though that would help.

Christopher Stone 3 months
I can respect that.

JMMA-Z 3 months
I respect her. Great American
Dean! 3 months
Great American that wants to disarm citizens, open up our borders and rob citizens blind to pay for those illegals she allowed to flood our nation.

michael zubas 3 months
We gotta get her in!
ffcSquall 3 months
Good luck with that. Not sarcasm, by the way. She's a much better person than most of the Democratic candidates for 2020.
Dean! 3 months
Yeah we need to get her in so she can steal our gun rights and open up our southern border. Nah I’ll pass.
michael zubas 3 months
Open Borders? what is she, A Koch Brother?

Sirax 3 months
she's almost my kind of president. she just wants too many things I don't like.

Lover 3 months
Other Democrats take note. THIS is who I would vote for.

Brian of Life 3 months
Sounds like a side plot to an episode of the West Wing.

Unity.Nat 3 months
Maybe in 2024 after Trump she would be a great leader
Dean! 3 months
Yeah so great that she wants to disarm the citizenry and open up our southern border nah. I’m. Good.

Riley Smith 3 months
I'm not even America and I think she's the best candidate
Ritesh 3 months
If you're not in America does you opinion really matter. (Assuming your not here and not a citizen/legal immigrant)

J3 3 months
She's a great option for what the country needs. True leadership...

Louie 3 months
3 weeks from now: Presidential hopeful missing in suspected "training accident," Kamala Harris in shock!

Andrew 1010 3 months
I commend your commitment to your country Tulsi. Hopefully you can make the next round of debates.

NPC 33331 3 months
She might be a Democrat but I dont mind her

CoLpOeSnED 3 months
fuck the debates, she got this

America 3 months
@James politics and views on issues aside, many times people have dual roles they serve, so it's not too uncommon she must leave one role to serve another. She gets a standing O in my book and thank you for your service!