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RebornZA 6 days
But why though?
yuckycrumpet 5 days
If it has Obama's name on it anywhere that seems to be reason enough for Trump. Don't know if it's the case here.
ffcSquall 4 days
From what I've read, it's ineffective (only 3% of protected species recover) and has been weaponized against political opponents. The effectiveness alone warrants an overhaul, IMO.

Roadhog 6 days
"The Endangered Species Act is generally uncontroversial, and it works" Anyone shocked that Vox would get it completely wrong? The ESA is counterproductive to its own goals due to the incentive it creates. Which is to immediately kill the endangered species so you don't end up in a legal quagmire.
William Eblen 5 days
Extinction is the rule, not the exception. We are funding lost causes at the expense of taxpayers. If you want to protect bald eagles then you fund it.
yuckycrumpet 5 days
If I'm a tax payer then I already am though?

RedPilled 6 days
Well let's wait to see what those specific changes are. Maybe the changes just have to do with ineffective regulation that only puts a burden on businesses, but doesn't actually fix the problem it is tasked to do. This happens a lot with regulation, governmental programs aren't 100% efficient and never will be, they should always be measured for efficiency and evaluated continuously over time. I read IJR's article which didn't mention specifics of what the changes are, so I'll wait to see from another article before making a judgement

Edmond_Dantes 6 days
I literally don't see anything wrong with this, cutting back regulations that make it harder for American farmers/ranchers/miners etc. to do their jobs without the government butting in. While you're at it, dismantle the EPA. All they do is sit on their asses and think of ways to slap regulation on everything they can stick their dicks into
Miles O'Brien 5 days
You are seriously out of touch. Trump and his minions have gutted the EPA.

bobby_5150 5 days
Slaughtering fetuses is OK, but heaven forbid if you look sideways at a kangaroo rat.
Chris Sproul 5 days
Straw man at its finest
bobby_5150 4 days
Thank you. I'm just following your lead.

Daniel McEwen 6 days
This one I don't like at all. If it was up to me, I'd preserve more areas, not less.

Need a hug bro? 5 days
Great, now Trump wants to deport Dumbo, Bambi, and The Lion King...

PhreneticNI 5 days
I don't know of anything in the Constitution that gives Congress authority to legislate on endangered species. For that matter, I don't know of anything in the Constitution that says that the federal government can own land.

Ignis 6 days
I love how the Trump brigade isn't here to justify it, cos they can't 😂 (right winger here btw)
Hannibal 5 days
Scroll up kiddo.
Aerilous 5 days
takes a while for us to respond cuz we have other bullshit to tend to sorry
bobby_5150 5 days
You mean jobs.

michael zubas 5 days
Do we have to Hunt EVERYTHING??? Do We?
Lowlife 5 days
Can I borrow that straw man? I could use a new scarecrow
michael zubas 2 days
hah! sure, go ahead. ruin our ability to protect animals.

Miles O'Brien 5 days
Lowlife 5 days
To address shoot shovel and shut up. When farmers are losing livestock to endangered species and they have no recourse because FWP has its hands tied this is what happens.