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Abbey Payeur 6 days
Funny how Republicans only care about the deficit when they're not in office.
Brandon 6 days
As a conservative I completely agree with that. both parties are in favor of each others policies but put in a show.
Hannibal 5 days
Same with Democrats kiddo! Obama took a 68% debt-to-GDP ratio in 2009 (post-bailout) and racked that charge card to 113% in 2016. Bet you never saw that in the news!

david dindu 5 days
time for another shutdown

Need a hug bro? 5 days
The very stable genius can't balance the budget?
Hannibal 5 days
Call your congressman, genius!
Rudy Concepcion 5 days
Funny, the “very stable genius” that you’re deriding can’t do anything without getting this other group of people known as Congress on board. Some groups within Congress are known as Democrats, and they vehemently fight anything the “Stable Genius” proposes, just to oppose him. Also, the “Black Stable Genius”that we had before the current one did the opposite of cutting the national debt in half and actually increased it even more than the current “Stable Genius”. So in conclusion, GTFOH with your “Blame Trump!” bullsh*t, he’s not the only one responsible.
Need a hug bro? 4 days
Wow, another bigoted and uninformed statement, you're on fire today!

FirstCensorshipThenJail 5 days
prepare for the Chinese traitors to tank the market.

Miles O'Brien 5 days
If the economy is doing so well why are there no surpluses?
Nikolozka 5 days
yeah, economy is working as intended when you are quintillion in debt
SufferingInCali 5 days
Ask all the welfare recipients.
AY-MO 5 days
You mean those corporate welfare recipients.