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Voice of Reason 3 months
The CCP is running scared. They're either afraid that the presence of US ships in the harbor will embolden the protestors or don't want to risk US personnel getting caught in the chaos when they send in the PLA to "final solution" the protestors. Or both.

Prodigal Liberal 3 months
Where is the MSM? Sold out to China?

justjake 3 months
can the US just annex hong kong and taiwan already.

Miles O'Brien 3 months
Trumpy got a phone call. Fuck off with the tariffs already.
AY-MO 3 months
He still thinks that the Chinese are paying the tariffs, must of slept through that class at Wharton.
FirstCensorshipThenJail 3 months
You guys with your trust funds and rich patents might find it okay to throw your fellow Americans that actually work for a living, under the bus. Just so you can prop up the Chinese Communist Party. But since you clowns are the minority you might want to think that through. You know the Hamptons, not really a very defensible position.