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Evolved 3 months
This is a bad idea. Government moving quickly is a danger to the people.

Lowlife 3 months
Harry Reid wants it abolished because it makes senate an “unworkable graveyard”.....yes.....that’s the point...

Imperial German 3 months
Good, it halts the process of getting shit done.

Hannibal 3 months
So apparently the so-called nuclear option taught him nothing... This is why we have Kavanaugh and not Garland.
Adam Marceau 3 months
no you have kavanaugh and not Garland because of the Biden rule

Person Unknown 3 months
Dude isn’t dead yet my god.. boomers need to collect grandpa

WhatMeWorry? 3 months
But what about Mr Smith Goes To Washington!?! Harry!?! Is this what your tantrum is REALLY about?!? Because Jimmy Stewart got the part of Mr Smith instead of you? Stop being a sore loser Harry.

Larry 3 months
Of course he does! now if the Democrats were the minority in the Senate he would be fighting For it.
Petri Fide 3 months
Wait... WHAT?