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Daddy Tito 3 months
She’s wrong. His coverage is unfairly positive. He’s a two faced lying dirtbag who betrays every one of the principles he wants to force on you in his own personal life.
WJ MacKENZIE 3 months
Agreed. It is difficult to take him seriously about socialism at the expense of us, the tax payers, when he's living it up with multiple homes to his name. This isnt getting into some of the racist bullshit this con artist spouts.
mr. 3 months
Trump's empty podium got more news coverage than Sanders 2016 campaign. That's unfairly biased coverage against Sanders. And surprise it hasn't gotten any better this time around.
Daddy Tito 3 months
LMAO. At no point were trump and sanders ever in the same race.

Mod Okay 3 months
Bernie 2020
Miles O'Brien 3 months
Bernie and his ideas were great talking points in 2016. Not today. He is too old for the job. Too many axes to grind. He has led the party into chaotic policy waters. He is not what the country needs.
Deadhead83 3 months
Bernie Sanders 2020👍👍👍👍
Marcus Rogers 3 months
@Miles Pretty much like the rest of the democrat line up then.

Tin Ego 3 months
Jeffrey Epstein?

Marybeth 3 months
How many times has this insane jackass run for office? How many times has he lost? How long has Deputy Dipshit here been talking up socialism and pushing his greedy little agenda and how long has he been discarded? He's an idiot....he's a criminal and well shit hebis ANTI AMERICAN who has ZERO CHANCE of EVER SITTING IN THE WHITE HOUSE AS PRESIDENT.