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Prodigal Liberal 4 days
Where are the New York Times, Washington Post, MSM? Closet Communists! America should exchange these commies for the valiant people of Hong Kong.
Miles O'Brien 4 days
The valiant people of Hong Kong are living in China. China makes the rules.

Shane Olson 2 hours
The protests aren’t violent, there a Chinese agents pretending to be protesters

Cole Roethlisberger 4 days
Trump force warships into the port; make China back down.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 4 days
Commie papers of the US don't want to upset the Chinese Communist Party. Zero credibility. The MSM and Socialist media publishers are just in the pocket of the communists. Nothing they have to say about the President or America is true. Working for the benefit of the Chinese Communist Party, funded by the Oil Kingdoms, and run by communists; You cannot trust the American media activists to provide news. Nothing but propaganda every day all day.