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Frogman 4 months
how do you think the US feels.

SimonR 4 months
"His country cannot tend to its own people, let alone those from other countries." Then build a wall.

jan morgan Froynes 4 months
Maybe have your own functioning border so they don't walk through Guatemala and into Mex/US.

The Kosher Katfish 4 months
What a racist bigot! They should be mercilessly guilt-tripped into accepting migrants like in Europe!

Marcus Rogers 4 months
We can't handle the immigrants....then build a wall.

James Kerwin 4 months
wait! isn't that a racist comment?

Michael Tatom 4 months
Let us help you by holding back any aid to your wonderful country.
Miles O'Brien 4 months
The us is already doing that. BTW, how's that wall that Mexico is paying for coming along?
Michael Tatom 4 months
On schedule and who really cares where the money comes from?

Imperial German 4 months
Ok....... EMBARGO TIME!!!!!!!