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Watheverable GRAMPS 4 days
Have they started blaming Trump yet or am I too early?
TAP 4 days
Way too early.
Steven Cline 4 days
Five minutes too early.
noonespecific 3 days
If Trump didn't exist. ICE would not have been labeled a evil organization. The shooting would never have happened. Tldr it's Trump's fault.

porcus 4 days
My bet is this is another Leftist attack.
Stephen 4 days
Given that only the far left wants ICE to be disbanded, I would say that is a fair bet
Vance 4 days
ICE is a worthless agency whose only benefit is....... ummm...... yeah I have no idea
William Lucian 3 days
Uhhh Vance they deport *illegal* immigrants.

Michael Belsey 4 days
They won't mention a damn thing, just like when the antifa guy tried to fire bomb and shoot up the ice detention centre in Portland.
Beisht Kione 4 days
Mister Manager 4 days
And failed spectacularly, unless it was intended as a suicide by cop. Not trying yo down-play the severity though

EpochPrime 4 days
So when will the likes of Shaun King be held accountable for his violent rhetoric?
Salvador Sanchez 4 days
I usually find right wing insanity as boring, but this made me laugh hard
Tin Ego 4 days
Insanity is boring wherever it comes from. The right don’t have a monopoly.
Petri Fide 3 days
Epoch - Exactly!

Mister Manager 4 days
You did this AOC, you lying airhead
Mitchell 4 days
B-But, muh concentration camps...
Foofie Dumplings 3 days
How could AOC have done this? what?!?
Aladdin 3 days
It’s upsetting that people genuinely get tricked into believing her lies, they think these places ARE concentration camps, they fully believe it to be the truth, then commit acts of terror like this, and genuinely think they are doing good.

AD C 4 days
I wonder how the political circus for this will turn out.

Kiryuu_94 4 days
I bet the shooter played video games.
Duncan Kneeland 4 days
You made me chuckle.
Vance 4 days
I doubt that, if they had they might have been more successful
Drago5313 3 days
Who does not play games these days, let it be on a console, pc or phone...

Innes 4 days
Hmm likely a far leftist attack? how long till this story disappears?
Adam Marceau 4 days
what story

Asura Bomb 4 days
So can we FINALLY start arresting Antifa? Please?

Larry 4 days
DHS is mostly right, throw antifa in the mix and exactly right!

Darth Quaint 4 days
huh. Tacoma, Dayton, SanAntonio. All in one year. welcome to the extremists do extreme things Club, leftists.
MEIJIN44 3 days
An anomaly but did you know that spells TDS. Or Trump Derangement Syndrome. Fuck me the memes write themselves.

Nicholas Noel 4 days
Thank God they are going after the media and politicians.

Rational ific 4 days
I'm waiting for MSNBC, CNN, Buzzfeed, Vox, and TYT to get demonetized on YouTube and banned on Twitter and Facebook. Still waiting...

Dust Phoxner 4 days
This is what happens when MSM strokes the flames of fear and division. The MSM needs to be shut down and in my personal oppinion I feel that we have enough evidence to do so. Theyve manipulated us to accept war in middle east over WMD that never existed, theyve skewed the facts regarding police shootings involving black people to make shootings that had nothing to do with race all about race which has caused violent riots in the inner cities and made the jobs of the fine men and women who are protecting our streets harder and more dangerous, theyve manipulated facts to scare people into thinking trump supporters are white supremacist that need to be stopped this has resulted in violence numerous times. I could go on but when are we going to say enough is enough?
Phap 3 days
Not "shut down" but definitely held accountable for their "manipulation of the narrative"
Dust Phoxner 3 days
They should Either A. Relabel themselves news entertainment so like wrestling people knows its not 100% real. or B. They can shut down What they're doing is the equivalent to yelling fire in a crowded place. Edit:If they're willing to stop with the yelow journalism and propaganda they can continue as is but I dont think they'll ever change.
Mister Manager 3 days
Don Lemon is certainly an ironic entertainer

Big Nate 4 days
Anyone smelling a civil war coming?
Lunarsting4 4 days
Can you smell what the left is cooking?
Occam's Chainsaw 4 days
2 words for them - "GET SOME!"

RJOHN 4 days
Move along, nothing to see hear.

Drewfus 4 days
THIS IS ALL THE FAULT OF TRUMP AND WHITE SUPREMACY! Yeah, nice try stupid mainstream news.

Christopher Stone 4 days
The irresponsible media is going to get people killed...just like when they went after cops. Journalism has been dead for some time.

J_For 4 days
the leftists are mentally ill... how come they have access to guns???
Vance 3 days
to keep the crazies on the far-right in check
Mister Manager 3 days
Yeah Vance, angry men in combat fatigues shouting to God through a 2-way radio. Must be millions of them in the U.S. *eye roll

Manifest Maga 4 days
But muh White Supremacism, nope just another leftist terrorist egged on by the MSM- the real terrorist threat is far left actisvists including the Dayton shooter who was Anti-Fa
Mister Manager 3 days
I saw the security camera footage, those cops responded to the threat and neutralized in seconds!