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Dust Phoxner 3 months
This is not an illegal act we have an economy to think of as wells as the wellfare of our natural born citizens. If you want to immigrate you have to follow our immigration laws and in my personal opinion prove you can stand on your own two feet by not relying on government assistance for atleast 10 years. If you thinks this is racist than you have an awfully low expectation for minority immigrants personally I beleive all people regardless of color should be cable of this if it's what they truly want and they're willing to work as hard as the rest of us.
Miles O'Brien 3 months
But the economy IDs booming! There are jobs going unfilled! Which is it? The land of plenty or the land of austerity?
Voice of Reason 3 months
Even if there are jobs going unfilled, so what? Foreigners don't get to just walk in and take jobs in the country whenever they feel like it.
Beisht Kione 3 months
Less workers than jobs naturally causes wages to come up. Wouldnt want to fix the problem naturally though.