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PhreneticNI 3 months
I'm surprised left-leaning sources are reporting on this, considering it debunks the idea that legislation preventing the shooter from obtaining these things through regular means would have prevented the shooting.
Miles O'Brien 3 months
I'm surprised that you haven't figured out the only legislation is to ban guns, body armor and related items all together. BTW, the person who lied on the forms committed a crime. Criminals aiding criminals isn't new. Gun owning morons aiding wannabe gun owning morons isn't new either.
..... 3 months
I'm surprised you didn't know laws don't stop people from getting guns and that's the point of this article and his comments.
Spartan Life 3 months
Miles wow I’m surprised you’ve let moderates on this issue constantly defend you by saying you don’t want to ban all guns only to turn the fuck around and openly say you want to ban all guns.

John Wilson 3 months
background checks for baseball bats. While 467 people were killed with “blunt objects,” like hammers and clubs in 2017, 403 were killed with rifles, the recent FBI crime statistics show.

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months
Dont you hate it when those bad people dont obey the laws? Its almost like they do it on purpose.

John Doh 3 months
Fun fact, kids: straw purchases are a felony!
William Eblen 3 months
And denying anyone the right to bear arms for any reason is a constitutional violation.
skankhunt42 3 months
Are you guys retarded? This is the gun regulation right wingers should love. Don’t you want only the ‘good’ people to have guns?
John Doh 3 months
@William Eblin - not true; the 5th Amendment states, "No person shall be... deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law..." In other words, a person forfeits their natural rights when they commit a crime; this is why convicted felons, for example, are not allowed to own, or possess, a firearm. The 8th Amendment, I would postulate, prevents courts from removing natural rights for minor offenses. @Salvador Sanchez - How is mentioning that straw purchases being a felony "retarded?" If anything, it highlights my knowledge on a particular subject which is often discussed by individuals who are completely ignorant about gun laws. As for being a law which "right wingers should love;" I have not heard any "right wingers" argue against such laws, so I don't know what you're talking about. Fighting with strawmen is retarded.

SimonR 3 months
If only there were more background checks and fewer features on his weapons! That would have kept everyone safe! /s
Miles O'Brien 3 months
If only his mother had aborted him.
Avi Khait 3 months
Who says it's too late?
..... 3 months
Look at Miles, he's a semi functional aborted fetus. Even his mom didn't want him but that never stopped him!

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months
ATF stands for After The Fact, because they stop mass shootings after the fact.

Deborah Hunter 3 months
not possible

Ritesh 3 months
I'm not sure how valid the info is but 5.56/.223 rounds are meant to penetrate and tumble do it's not impossible for one round to hit multiple people.
Adam Marceau 3 months
pass through is a issue with hand guns which is why most people carry hollow points something high velocity like a rifle could easily pass through multiple people it's not implausible

Raymond M Hein Jr 3 months
yeah sounds like fake news to me

..... 3 months
I think the answer is more guns. Not like the less guns initiatives worked.
..... 3 months
RPGs, grenades, tanks, jet fighters...
Sullivas 3 months
Since this is the route the governmemt is taking, stock up like its FREEDOM hour

Stephen 3 months
That's a little less then one per second. Not impossible, but highly unlikely. Really depends on how heavy the crowds were.

Sir_Kutz 3 months
26 people in 32 sec. with how many rounds?

yuckycrumpet 3 months
I guess they only need a surveillance video and could easily time it from that. Not at all complicated. *shrugs*