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Watheverable GRAMPS 6 days
"Where Epstein Died" "Where Epstein killed himself" "Where Epstein was found dead" Actually, where Epstein was Clintoned for getting caught while knowing too much.
AY-MO 6 days
More bullshit from the paid troll, who pulls his facts from his ass.
Watheverable GRAMPS 6 days
@AY-MO is that your new script?
Roadhog 6 days
Now there isn't sufficient evidence to implicate the Clintons, but are we not allowed to make jokes anymore without triggering the local NPCs?

Robert Talbot 6 days
Good. There better be a full investigation into all parties possibly involved.
Oliver Biscuit 6 days
From my understanding, that list would be extensive and made up of people from all over the world most of which wouldn't even show up for questioning. Nevermind the ones residing in the US that'll just skirt any questions or sit down in Congress with a shit eating grin whilst "pleadin' da fizzif"
ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 5 days
Barr has already called for the FBI to investigate the death, and he’s launched his own investigation as well (I think he did this within hours of hearing about Epstein dying).
Miles O'Brien 3 days
That would include Barr, the man in charge of federal detention centers.

Rusty 6 days
#ClintonBodyCount #ClintonCrimeFamily

(Arcamean) 6 days
In other news water is wet, humans require oxygen and fire burns.
..... 5 days
The word human is offensive! I prefer carbon life form!!!
Frederic Lück 5 days
Human has man in it Say huperson. Wait that has son in it Call it huperchild
Innes 5 days
It’s Humxn, fascist

T3hGladiator 5 days
That's fine, I'm sure they have a nice bank account in the Caymans.

Miles O'Brien 6 days
Oh Well Then! I guess that's all the investigation we need. A dose of a laxative for all guards! Irregularities fixed!

Innerparty 5 days
Always the guy at the lowest level is held responsible. Typical government bs.
Miles O'Brien 4 days
Yeah! That lowly warden. Why would he have any responsibility?
Innerparty 4 days
Not the warden, Miles, the guys manning the cellblock.
Miles O'Brien 4 days
The warden got transferred. READ!

H.R. Pufnstuf 4 days
Kool! They get a vacation. Not even a slap on the wrist.

AY-MO 6 days
It's no different from any other prison in the US.
Miles O'Brien 5 days
Except Barr is responsible for it.
AY-MO 5 days
Miles to be fair technically he was responsible, but he didn't give a fuck about the prison, nor did anyone in the justice dept. And that goes for every admin since Nixon's war on crime.
John Wilson 5 days
it's run by New York City how much control do you think Barr has over how things are run in liberal cites. I don't think they asked for approval from Barr. if anyone can show he signed off then that is different. NYC is constantly ignoring the federal government under Trump. "His removal from suicide watch would have been approved by both the warden of the jail and the facility’s chief psychologist."

Miles O'Brien 5 days
Harsh measures from Bill! Everyone gets a raise. An extra month of vacation, you incompetent fools!
Beisht Kione 4 days
You really gotta work on your reading comprehension
Miles O'Brien 4 days
You really gotta do something about having the last word.
Beisht Kione 4 days
That wasnt trying to get the last word. That was me responding to your absurd comment. After you that here and on a different thread, I'm starting to wonder if you actually know what something as simple as "getting the last word" means.

George Milligan 6 days
Are people still taking this clown seriously?

Michael Tatom 5 days
There’s something rotten in Denmark.
John 5 days
Yeah, we can smell the stench all the way over here... Even here we knew that he would "commit suicide" before too long...
Lowlife 5 days
Ah a man of culture. Hamlet

Pj Sina 5 days
ya like dieing one day after saying he has dirt on some high profile people

Miles O'Brien 5 days
First we had Gramps moaning about why Epstein should die in a horrible way, and now we have Gramps whining about how he died too soon. Make up your mind!
Kyle Broflovski 5 days
I think the issue here is that now it's going to be so much harder to catch his accomplices. No one feels bad he died. You need to be more pragmatic dude.
Beisht Kione 5 days
Miles, you know damn well what he meant. So disingenuous.
bobby_5150 5 days
Nuance is lost on Miles. You need to use smaller words from now on.

H.R. Pufnstuf 5 days
Casualty simulation services.

Daniel McEwen 6 days
Irregularities? You think so?

iknowalittle 6 days
if Hilary is the suicide messiah why didnt he ask for help when her fist attempt only left him unconscious a couple weeks ago ? .. tss
bobby_5150 5 days
How do you know he didn't?

Miles O'Brien 3 days
Incompetence at the DOJ?

Petri Fide 4 days
So the usual strap hangers here don't understand that it is typical policy to put law officers on administrative leave while they are being investigated.

John Wilson 5 days
this NYC under Blasio, where people dump water on cops. what is irregular for this place?