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LittlePrints 3 months
This is great to hear that they got their heads out of their butts. It is art that shows our history. It is not racist in any way. To "paint over it" is to say it didn't happen.
SimonR 3 months
The "Whitewashing of history" they keep banging on about
Roadhog 3 months
From the article: The 13-panel “Life of Washington” will be preserved but covered by panels that show "the heroism of people of color in America, how we have fought against, and continue to battle discrimination, racism, hatred, and poverty” a proposal suggested by the board president said. So no, their heads are still firmly planted in their rectums.
Eric Butler 3 months
Why not just change the name of this school? Anything else is certainly racist.

Asura Bomb 3 months
Good. Stop being so goddamn sensitive and acknowledge this shit happened.
Evolved 3 months
Will you acknowledge what happened?
themdg MOD 3 months
@evolved: I believe he used the s-word to acknowledge what happened. So... I think that should be enough...