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SimonR 4 days
No one knew about the letters until they were censored.
Code Bot 4 days
What are you talking about. Are you trying to say the prison guards shouldn't have try to censor this monsters' freedom of speech. When you commit an atrocity like he did you give up your human rights. Literally when you become a prisoner you no longer have human rights you have prisoner rights, and it doesn't say that guards can't sensor him, and morally they shouldn't. So what are you talking about.
Sasu 4 days
@Code Bot New Zealand doesn't have freedom of speech.
Code Bot 4 days
What yes they do it's a human right that in forfeit when you're arrested. Who told you that New Zealand doesn't have freedom of speech. Is this an edgy thing because they're a bit more strict on freedom of speech then America.

Marcus Rogers 4 days
Can't let wrong think spread...because that's not how shit like this happened in the first place.
George Milligan 4 days
I hope that was sarcasm...
Marcus Rogers 3 days
No not really, when you keep pushing people back into a corner, don't converse with them and tell them they are literally Hitler, well then what else can they do, but become Hitler...

Kyle Brown 4 days
So where is this letter?
Prismarine 3 days
Browse /pol/, you'll find it in a thread.

Eric Fossum 4 days
If a nutter can’t not communicate how will we know if they are truly a nutter.
ConcealCarryProtect 4 days
A person that kills a bunch of people is a nutter.
Jason 4 days
No he's definitely a terrorist not a nut. Crazy people all run around saying Allahu Akbar now days.

Russell Daggett 4 days
After some digging I'm not able to find the letter. Anyone got a link?
Minor_Complex 3 days
Go to four kun and lurk. If you don't see it make a thread asking for it.

John Wilson 4 days
yea the problem is not some crazy letter on some obscure channel. it's the high level promotion and 24/7 coverage of these obscure fringe people, that makes this mainstream.

Hanz Fig 4 days
That shooting was fake
Stal 4 days
Same way 9/11 was right?
Hanz Fig 4 days
Have you watched the video I can send it to you if you want, there’s no blood. He shoots a guy at point blank range with a shotgun and there’s barely any holes or anything.
ConcealCarryProtect 4 days
Hanz, I have shot and killed many animals. Guns dont work like they do in movies. I have seen countless hours of police footage of OIS' . Bullets enter, punching a small diameter hole and do all there damage behind that hole. The hole seals and sometimes drips a little blood, meanwhile the carnage behind it is severe. Shotguns do not have a massive concussive blast that eviscerates anything. Most likely he was shooting 00 buckshot firing 8 balls moving fairly slow compared to normal rifle rounds fps. The video was very real, I watched it roughly 10 times for a forensics aspect. It is terrible and aweful, and 100% real.

Mike Clark 4 days
He's not allowed to send out a confession letter. Why?
Cole Neely 4 days
You know why. Truth must be memory holed so that history becomes the preferred narrative. In a couple of years everyone will look back and know that the only reason this tragedy happened was because guns, mental illness, and "orange man bad."
Barra Cudda 3 days
Makes you wonder about a whole bunch of "historic facts"