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John Keller 4 months
and why was this not proposed after the Oklahoma City bombing?
Miles O'Brien 4 months
It's now. You can't change the past.
John Keller 2 months
no but I would think they would do something after such a large domestic terrorist bombing.

Otis B Driftwood 4 months
What's the point? A deterrent? Most of these people expect to die in the act. Those that don't will get hundreds of years in prison, at the very least... And from a legal standpoint, what separates "domestic terrorism" from just committing multiple acts of "first-degree murder"? What elevates it to something supposedly worse?

Miles O'Brien 4 months
It better not mention guns or white anything or Moscow Mitch will shelve it.
HueHueo Suezo 4 months
White? The concept of a law specifically dealing with a person's skin color seems so incredibly regressive to me. Why would we ever need a law that specifies anything about a particular race?
Robert 4 months
Hue, Miles is a racist. He explained his reasoning for not disliking Biden because he is white and old.
Miles O'Brien 4 months
Nice conflation job. Biden and domestic terrorism. Your triggers prevent you from being consistent and coherent. I don't like Sanders or Trump either. Old white men have too much control and no contact with reality.