Recession signal to pressure the Fed to keep cutting rates

Recession signal to pressure the Fed to keep cutting rates

The spread between yields on the 2- and 10-year Treasury’s flipped Wednesday morning as the shorter-duration debt rose above the level of the benchmark rate– a classic recession indicator, predicting the past seven periods of negative US growth. This only adds to the pressure the Federal Reserve will face when it meets next month to deliver what markets anticipate will be another rate cut.

Tom A
Tom A
MF 1 year

Stay the course Trump, don’t let China get away with their theft anymore!

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 year

Just remember everyone Wall Street is looking after the interests of the Chinese Communist Party and the Oil Kingdoms not the American citizens. They don't want Trumps economic model of Western Civilization growth. They prefer their model of managed decline and the sell off of Western Democracies competencies and social stability. Who pushes open borders; Wall Street. Who pushes for forced technology transfers to avowed enemies of Western Democracies; Wall Street. Who pushes for unregulated financial markets; Wall Street. Who pushes for bailouts for billionaire; Wall Street. Who is bankrupting small business and farmers starving them of capital and zero-interest loans; Wall Street. Who funds and enables the financial tools for tyrants, organized crime syndicates and human trafficking; Wall Street. When the markets drop look no further than the Bankers on Wall Street and their Federal Reserve for who to blame. Wall Street does not work for America they work for the Chinese Communist Party and the Oil Kingdoms.

redhandsbluefaces 1 year

The founding fathers warned us that the banks would control our economy. Trump needs to destroy the Fed.

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