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ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 3 months
Great, now the robots know when I’m afraid... Next up they’ll get them to smell fear too. For fuck’s sake guys! Stop building Skynet!!!

Unkars Thug 3 months
"You're afraid. I can give you peace. Soon, this will all be over."
Idiot Prole 3 months
That's dark....

Interdimensional alien 3 months
They also detect biological sex/gender. I remember when people were offended that it was so accurate (mostly SJWs of the persuasion that biology is bigoted and gender is not tied to sex).

Foofie Dumplings 3 months
Good. This technology will allow us to detect the fear in right-wingers when a socialist Democrat beats the Orange Man in 2020 and opens the borders! 😂

Victor Gealtach 3 months
There were two video games made (possibly more) about the dangers of facial recognition and selling information to big companies and the like. Watchdogs 1 and 2 are great games and really fun to play, especially since it involves a group of people dedicated to rifling through the code, editing it, and stopping big companies from exploiting the information gathered. My opinion? This tech is not only going to be here, it IS here. We can't change that, what we CAN do is make sure this technology can't be abused. Put in safety measures and things. Look, I've got practically no experience with tech save to use it, and I'm just starting to learn various coding languages so I don't have any real strong ideas on HOW to make sure we aren't abused, but I have one idea: self-identification. We all have cell-phones. I get messages from Google if I signed into my account from a device I haven't used before. So, maybe use that? Have the facial recognition tech send a message to what it thinks it sees asking 'I thought I saw you at X, is that correct?'
Mitchell 3 months
I agree with the sentiment, but if you're arguing against the increasing power of big tech, maybe don't suggest using Google as a solution...
Victor Gealtach 3 months
I'm not saying Google itself as a solution, just using an example of what they use as an idea for a possible solution.
Mitchell 3 months
Check out a YouTube channel called "The Hated One" if you want some pointers for cyber security.