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jan morgan Froynes 3 months
Most animals on earth contribute to the ecosystem in vital ways. Also, once they're gone, they're gone for good. There's no reason for making them extinct except human selfishness. We're living way beyond our needs and straight up murder the planet for materialistic shit. Biodiversity on earth have been thriving for over 3 billion years, with some extinctions here and there. Do we really want to be the species that made Earth go from having 100 000s of species to 10 in the span of a couple hundred years? Just us, our dogs & cats and the animals we raise to eat. All for some bigger cities and shiny stuff.
Stal 3 months
Exactly Jan. Just like you said. We are living way beyond our needs
Dustin Rios 3 months
Tell that to the bird the re-evolved itself
white cis male monster! 3 months
Although I agree with the sentiment you’re off on the facts. Over 99% of all species that have ever existed went extinct. Not saying it’s a good thing or bad, just how it is. The major issue is overpopulation. We have gone from some 3+ billion people in 1970 to almost 8 billion today. All the problems we have today can be traced back to this fact. Perhaps Thanos was right? (Sarcasm)