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DarkWarrior633 4 days
Technically he isn't wrong but I'm sure you people who prefer moral will but disputing this.
Whicker 4 days
Yeah.... it's messed up but he is probably right
ICblades 4 days
there are 2 women and one man that can be referred to as progenitors over 90% of the people alive today because humanity had been reduced to such low numbers that almost all people can trace their DNA to these 3 people.
Miles O'Brien 4 days
To tell the truth my " moral will but" is confused by your post. I wonder if ancestry for com will have an app to determine which of my relatives did what to whom.

Samaritan 4 days
Amazing to see a man shoot himself right in the foot with 0 prompting.
paddy 4 days
strong personal beliefs can do crazy things to a human
John Wilson 3 days
regardless how you feel about abortion clearly what he saying was misrepresented.

Mitchell 4 days
The headlines frame this as "Rape is essential to human survival" when what he said was more along the lines of "If we removed everyone from the human gene pool who was a product of rape, there would be no more human gene pool" It's a really gross argument, but I understand his point.
iknowalittle 4 days
so we should accept rape and incest.... lol..
Innes 3 days
@iknowalittle nobody is saying accept rape and incest socially, but more accept that, many people around the world are likely to be products of rape at some point in history. It appears the context King was speaking in was to support his pro-life view and was merely thinking out loud... discussing a point/argument does not mean he endorses rape or incest. The point itself really would have been better not said, however, it is arguably a valid point to consider none the less.
John Wilson 3 days
no, but is ok to kill anyone that is result of rape or incest? if so we would all have to go. as we all are a product of this somewhere in our ansestory. BTW I didn't see where anyone was saying. it was ok. “Super Father” Genghis Khan has up to 16 million male descendants

Screw The Jew 4 days
He isn't technically wrong if he is saying no, there probably wouldn't anything at all really

Foofie Dumplings 4 days
As a child of incest, I support Steve King's comments. Suck it liberals! Trump 2020!
axel johns 3 days
libs = owned
HueHueo Suezo 3 days
I know your comment was meant to be sarcastic, though I can't help but feel like the first part wasn't.
Foofie Dumplings 3 days
You're right, I am a product of incest! My parents are aunt and nephew! 👫 They've been happily married for 21 years! Did you see the study that was posted on Gab that proves that 32% of Trump voters are the product of rape and incest? 🤠 It is incredible that there is a community of rape and incest people that support our President. Steve King's insightful comment is just telling it like it is! 😄

Matthew 3 days
Steve King just needs to go away. He can keep talking, by all means, but damn. The left is just going to use it as fuel to say all Republicans are just like him.
Beisht Kione 3 days

Mike Clark 3 days
He's basically saying that he's against abortion in cases of rape and incest, as it was in response to a question about abortion. Frankly, this is why you should support abortion, bred out those rape genes.
BlunderingFool 3 days
Say g’bye to most of the third world and pretty much all islamic followers then.

AY-MO 3 days
Inbreeding in Kings family explains a lot.

Kyle Broflovski 3 days
If you read what he said in full context it's not as bad as the headline makes it out to be.

VaasDC 4 days
degenerate. this is the kind of shit that eventually allowed pedos into high positions.

Miles O'Brien 3 days
It's not provocative. It's moronic.

John Wilson 3 days
I don't like incest but many countries think it's A ok. so if you consider yourself woke, then you are being insensitive to different cultural norms. Mating patterns Inbreeding Inbreeding levels in different countries Newton Freire‐Maia

Brandon 3 days
science and history are evil products of white men. abolish all facts from the record now.

Jason J Mitchell 4 days
Yes, yes there would be. My guess he is a friend of Epsteins
Chris Cahill 4 days
But he may have a bit of an argument here. What is the percentage of people in China who can trace their parentage back to Genghis Khan
Jason J Mitchell 3 days
Yes, he raped a large portion of women in his violent rampage across Asia. No how do you prove that those women wouldn't have had those children if the Kahn hadn't kept it in his pants.
Chris Cahill 2 days
Umm if he Haden’s then they wouldn’t be related to him if I understand sex Ed

Miles O'Brien 3 days
This is a leading light of the republican party. Totally relevant.

SimonR 3 days
Look I agree but it's a losing issue so drop it. A problem you can win on is faking rape to abort a healthy child. Stop being losers.

ironclad1o9 4 days
what matter of heresy is this? Gaius, get the cross!

Judi Em 3 days
Well... Adam. Eve. Everyone else.

Asura Bomb 3 days
The hard hitting questions

WhatMeWorry? 3 days
Why is he “racist” again, Buzzfeed? So many racists these days.