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Tlaib will not visit West Bank under Israel’s ’oppressive conditions’

Tlaib will not visit West Bank under Israel’s ’oppressive conditions’

In the latest, Rep. Rashida Tlaib has said she would not visit her family in the West Bank despite a reprieve by the Israeli government allowing her visit. Tlaib said she has decided against visiting her grandmother under what she called ’oppressive conditions’ which included ’silencing me & treating me like a criminal’.

Sir_Kutz 1 year

Hey look everyone I’m acting like a child!

David 1 year

Oppressive conditions like "don't agitate the people and advocate the overthrow of the Israeli government while you are here".

Edmond_Dantes 1 year

Trump told you they would use this trip against you, but did you listen?

John Doh
John Doh 1 year

It's a bit self-defeating saying that you've been silenced to a politically favorable media.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 1 year

Hahaha fucking child throwing a hissy fit.

Sapper82 1 year

She was hoping the request would be denied because it would further advance her imagined ‘victim status’. She’s no more a victim than a dog with a 5lb steak would be. YOUR’E IN AMERICA and privileged to be- stop being a cunt and realise how lucky you are. Don’t like it, have some decorum and self respect- button your mouth and fuck off.

Article V FTW
Article V FTW 1 year

"They are treating me like a criminal!" A criminal? No. A terrorist supporting anti-Semite? Yes. And there are right to do so.

Josh Ya
Josh Ya 1 year

Good. The worthless skank used her 90 year old grandmother as politcal bait. She's completely disgusting.

Larry 1 year

I'm going to the West Bank! Boo Hoo they won't let me in..waaaa Ok, you can come in to see family! NO, I'm Not going because they are oppressive to "my people" Who ever her handler is, tell her what to think...make up her mind already!

Robert 1 year

"The Muslim cries out as she strikes the Jew"

Herbie Goes Bananas
Herbie Goes Bananas 1 year

Hear, O Isreal, the cries of the oppressed! How they long to call for the boycotting of your businesses. How long will you silence those who hate you? Weep, ye oppressed! Weep!

trollingyou 1 year

Drama queen, she’s all about the show just like the rest of the “squat squad”. GFY and go sit down we’re already tired of your story.

Mitchell 1 year

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Koda C
Koda C 1 year

It’s just a Muslim doing Muslim. Poor me I’m a victim while attacking non Muslims at every level. Yawn.

O'Brien 1 year

So you're going to let your grandma down too?

I Am Grug
I Am Grug 1 year

Right after allowing her entry she does this.

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 1 year

So it was always a political stunt and had nothing to do with seeing your grandmother. Islamists are always going to be Islamists.

Sir Dragon
Sir Dragon 1 year

I mean you basically are a criminal already but you do you I guess

The Autarch
The Autarch 1 year

"No, it's fine." - Women

Steven Cline
Steven Cline 1 year

The first letter in BDS is for Boycott, WTF?

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