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John Wilson 4 weeks
yea but they have gun control in Europe. you mean if you pass laws and criminals ignore them? criminals don't follow laws, wow who who knew? I think we need a new law forcing to follow all laws.
Dave 4 weeks
Notice how it's actually in the news when someone is shot in Europe. Whereas people are shot everyday in the US and it doesn't make the news unless the body count is in the double digits or they can pin it on Trump. I like how you tried to make a smart troll comment. But you're just parroting someone else's argument and it makes you look stupid.
Brandon Huber 4 weeks
Exactly. So there should just be no laws or State.
Deadly104 4 weeks
Or like how in England where stop and search is not allowed and they have so many knife crimes and stabbings that both stopped making the news because it was so common. But it gets even better to stop this the didn’t have stop and search happen again they just banned knifes in public altogether. So that you can’t actually buy a knife at the store and walk home with it without being a criminal.

Dissapointment.exe 4 weeks
I mean, I'm an awful person for laughing at this
RaiRai 4 weeks
Yes you are!
michael zubas 4 weeks
Ive seen people laugh at sadder things. lol
Turn N Burn 4 weeks
I laughed too! I'm a waitress by the way.

jane 4 weeks
Apparently it was one of those "refugees".
St. Salton 4 weeks
is there a source? sounds like somenthing the left would try to cover up
James Delnort 4 weeks
The source is the article itself. It's what the reporter didn't report that tips us off- the description of the shooter. And we know had the suspect been an actual European the paper would have led in the headline words such as "white" "racist" "hate crime" blah blah blah.
Mister Manager 4 weeks
Their M.O. betrays them

Avi Khait 4 weeks
I'm afraid to imagine what would have happened to him if the soup had a fly in it.

michael zubas 4 weeks
Hmm. Patience is a virtue. but some people dont care about that.... OBVIOUSLY
Idiot Prole 4 weeks
Nah, good service is a virtue. Gimme my sandwich, damnit! I wonder if he had to pay or whether he took the cost of the bullet off the tip?

Sir_Kutz 4 weeks
Was shot in the shoulder and later died at the scene. How much later? I’m no doctor, but shoulder.
BlunderingFool 4 weeks
There is no safe place to be shot.
porcus 4 weeks
There's an artery running through the armpit, underneath the shoulder; maybe the bullet hit that?
porcus 4 weeks
@blundering, fingers, toes.... ;)

Joseph Cribari 4 weeks
refugees making life better for everyone

Don Javis 4 weeks
But guuunns are illleeggall in euuuroppe......hope the shooter was wearing a beret, a striped long sleeve top and a garland of onions, as opposed to some other ethnic/traditional clothing.

RJOHN 4 weeks
Shot you say? In Paris? France? With all there restrictive gun laws? Impossible, must be fake news... it's not you say. Well then how about that.

CoLpOeSnED 4 weeks
Blame the cooks... but dont shoot em!

Andrew 1010 4 weeks
...What The Fuck?

Wolny Słowianin 4 weeks
Old French or “New French”?

Samuel W 4 weeks
But I thought guns were illegal in France

Little Scar 4 weeks
Fake story, France has gun-control so something like this can't happen.

Dave 4 weeks
Depends how long it took to get the sandwich. I mean shooting a guy for taking 5 minutes is outrageous, but 6 minutes? Well, no judge would convict!

Pathum Addarapathirana 4 weeks
Damn, if only a good guy with a gun was there.

Just An Opinion 4 weeks
This is gonna get lost in the comments but... Didn't anyone teach him "Don't shoot the messenger"?

Matthew 4 weeks
Hmmm, serving has changed since the last time I was a waiter.

Mitchell 4 weeks
How long was the sandwich taking?

eclipseNF 4 weeks
"High crime area " Wonder who lives there