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Spain offers ports to stranded migrant boat but chastises Italy

Spain offers ports to stranded migrant boat but chastises Italy

The commanders of a rescue ship with 98 migrants aboard declined to leave Italian waters on Monday. The Open Arms ship, run by a Spanish charity, has been stranded at sea for 18 days, with the charity saying that the migrants are in no condition to sail to Spain in such cramped conditions on board. Italy, said late on Monday, it was ready to take all the migrants to a Spanish port.

Whicker 1 year

Funny how you just call it charity and they will let you keep your human trafficking operation running

AltMiddle 1 year

Spain's used to being under muslim control.

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 1 year

If they have the ability to move under their own power and have elected to stay in place then they can hardly be described as "stranded at sea". Choosing to loiter in an area you are not welcome and have been denied access to is not "stranded" and the officers of the ship should be arrested and charged with human trafficking since their refusal to move to safe harbor means they aren't operating under article 489 of the UNHCR duty to rescue provisions that these smugglers have been using as a shield.

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