Russia says it’s not obliged to share radiation levels data

Russia says it’s not obliged to share radiation levels data

Russia has responded to reports that several of its radiation monitoring stations went silent shortly after a deadly explosion at a missile range, saying it is not obliged to share data. The accident on the White Sea in northwestern Russia earlier this month has led to speculation about what happened and what type of weapon was involved.

Dave 7 months

Russia: "Did you just launch nukes at us?" The World: "We are not obliged to share that data."

Rburgoxd 7 months

Metro 2033 anyone?

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 7 months

they have been testing a nuclear powered long range cruise missile for a long time now looks like this one failed in spectacular fashion

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 7 months

Meaning the situation is much much worse than we have been told. This is practically a throwback to the Soviet era, next they'll say that there was no explosion and any reports of one were capitalist propaganda intended to smear the glorious people's revolution.

Perry McCorkle
Perry McCorkle 7 months

in other words pay no attention to the third eye on the back of your head

AltMiddle 7 months

All these cold war boomers starting shit again. ffs I'm tired of worrying about russia

Ben 7 months

I look forward to this incident being turned into a HBO mini series in around 30 years.

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