Gunman holds bus passengers hostage in Rio

Gunman holds bus passengers hostage in Rio

An armed man hijacked a bus in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday, taking 37 commuters hostage before freeing six of them. Unconfirmed reports suggest that shots were fired and that the hostage-taker had apparently been killed. However, there is no official confirmation of this.

I Am Grug
I Am Grug 8 months

Weird I thought they had gun control.

John W
John W 8 months

Mexico and Brazil have some of the highest gun related deaths and also strick gun control. it you have a crimnal element like drugs, guns are available. even European countries have seen an increase of crime because of migrants from high crime areas. it's not laws not physical location Germany but rather people's culture(Norther Africa/Syria etc) that determine crime/violence. most of the USA violence is in certain cities, if you address ineffective law enforcement, education, and lack of intact families that would change violence rates not gun laws.

Alex Stovall
Alex Stovall 8 months

Doesn’t Brazil have gun control?

Sean Christopher
Sean Christopher 8 months

Guns are completely ban in Brazil

Don Javis
Don Javis 8 months

Friend of a friend from WAAAAY back showed me the scars on his scalp from when he was at a dance and he got stabbed in the head with a pitch fork, so yeah gun control that DEFIANTLY stops violence, no one would EVER use an alternative if you could even manage to actually control guns.

Embrace 8 months

Good thing they didn't go over 50mph...

Son Of Shaw
Son Of Shaw 8 months

But guns are outlawed there!

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 8 months

what took them so long to get a sniper into position

Donald Darko
Donald Darko 8 months

The hell you say, this is not possible outside the U.S.

Binx1 8 months

"I am no mans prisoner"

Michael Mastriano
Michael Mastriano 8 months

the old Rio Hello

Kevin McAlpin
Kevin McAlpin 8 months

legalize drugs, see how that helps the gun problem.

Binx1 8 months

thank goodness. we have rights to guns. more gun related deaths in our country our from officers. cause if i had a concealed and carry licence id shoot him dead!

The Dragon
The Dragon 8 months


The Last Saxon
The Last Saxon 8 months

he didn't attack a school... wow ...

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