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Biden administration denies Iran’s sanctions, prisoner deal claims

Biden administration denies Iran’s sanctions, prisoner deal claims

White House officials rejected Iranian state-run media’s claims about a prisoner-money exchange. According to claims, U.S. freed up frozen $7 billion which belongs to Iran in return of American prisoners’ freedom. On the other hand, U.S. and Iran have a lot of security issues on the base of Iran’s nuclear power gain by enriching its uranium capacity to reach at a level to produce nuclear weapon.

Derek 2 months

Oh, really, just like Trump’s policies? Wow, it’s big of Biden to claim to do what all of the corporations that own all of the career politicians will never allow. A thriving middle class would destroy the status quo of American politics. That’s why they had to oust Trump at any cost and get us back to politics as usual as quickly as possible. If Biden was truly going to change anything, he would have started doing it sometime in the last 40 years. Talking about changing things does make for nice headlines, though. Wake me up when the next non-politician (along the lines of TR, Reagan, or Trump) gets elected and we’ll see how it goes.

Barry 2 months

He's going to have a tough fight ahead with the Republicans trying to dismantle the middle class

Mister 2 months

That's what crooks do, Deny, deny, deny.

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