Indictment charges 80 in fraud schemes, money laundering

Indictment charges 80 in fraud schemes, money laundering

Federal prosecutors indicted 80 people from around the world in a wide-ranging international fraud and money laundering scheme. Authorities unsealed a 252-count grand jury indictment charging 80 suspects, most of them Nigerian, in a major conspiracy to steal millions of dollars through a network of fraudulent schemes. 14 arrests were made in Southern California on Thursday.

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. . 5 months

Scam callers getting busted

Jerry 5 months

It's about time. Let's identify all the scammers we can & send them to the hooscow to wilt away. Asset recovery is essential to complete thepunishment process.

HueHueo Suezo
HueHueo Suezo 5 months

Hello! I am a Nigerian prince with an offer for you!

C. S.
C. S. 5 months

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