DOJ asks appeals court to reconsider Trump’s Twitter blocking ruling

DOJ asks appeals court to reconsider Trump’s Twitter blocking ruling

A three-judge panel of the 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals had ruled unanimously against Trump on July 9 and said Trump engaged in ’viewpoint discriminating’ by blocking certain Twitter followers from his account. The Trump administration on Friday asked a federal appeals court for a rehearing on its former ruling last.

Tom A
Tom A
Mister Manager
Mister Manager 5 months

Trump can't block people because he's a Cis-het white male, it's only okay when "The Squad" do that /s

(Arcamean) 5 months

They’re afraid of having to unblock and stop shadow banning conservatives.

David M.
David M. 5 months

If Trump can't block people from interacting with him on Twitter (because its a public forum) ...why is it legal for Twitter to block or ban people who could use it to interact with him?

Kyle Broflovski
Kyle Broflovski 5 months

I don't really care which direction this goes, as long as the ruling is applied fairly to everyone, which currently it is not.

Brandon Spears
Brandon Spears 5 months

I think the rule for the president being unable to block people should be applied to any government official on social media. I can see why it would apply to only the president (because he actually can do things to the country and announce it on Twitter) but it seems unequal in terms that other government officials can block whomever they want. Now with that said, I'm also not going to ignore the fact that Donald Trump is getting completely triggered by the comments people are making of him and now he really wants to say screw it to free speech when it's not kind words being said to him. I'm finding a disturbing amount of people who keeps following that trend including Republicans.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 5 months

I struggle to see what this has to do with 1A. Free speech doesn't include access to your speech. Also Trump blocking you on Twitter doesn't take away your ability to know what the president is saying.

yuckycrumpet 5 months

Brandon. Agreed. Funny how Trump ignores laws etc as soon as things aren't going his way.

Kyle G
Kyle G 5 months


redhandsbluefaces 5 months

@Brandon @yucky imagine thinking blocking someone on twitter is equivalent to censorship.

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