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Amazon fires: Brazil rejects $20m aid pledged by G7

Amazon fires: Brazil rejects $20m aid pledged by G7

Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro has accused Western leaders of ’colonialist mindset’ and has rejected $22m pledged at the G7 summit to fight Amazon wildfires. Bolsonaro’s chief of staff, Onyx Lorenzoni has expressed his gratitude but added that ’those resources would be more relevant to reforest Europe’. G7 summit has been hosted by president of France, Emmanuel Macron in Biarritz this week.

Captain Cheese
Captain Cheese 1 year

I mean he isn’t wrong.

Spartacus 1 year

The fires are on farm land. This happens every year as part of their farming practices

Unity.Nat 1 year

Europeans tell Brazilians that they are losing rainforest, While Europe destroyed their ecosystem and ecology of mother nature for decades now. Until Europe introduces wolves back into their environment, can't take them serious.

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