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New Zealand’s differences with China becoming harder to reconcile, says Ardern

New Zealand’s differences with China becoming harder to reconcile, says Ardern

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Monday that differences with the country’s top trading partner China are becoming harder to reconcile. In a speech at the China Business Summit in Auckland, Ardern said ’the differences between our systems – and the interests and values that shape those systems – are becoming harder to reconcile.’ China takes almost one-third of New Zealand’s exports.

Phoenix 1 weeks

Finally, some acknowledgement. But I doubt anything will change.

seamiki 1 weeks

For decades the west has "invested" in china to benefit from cheap sweatshops and straight up exploitation but funnily enough no one cared about political incompatibility.

O'Brien 1 weeks

Ardern talking out of both sides of her mouth. One for her allies and another completely different message for China in the form of pro-China compliant policies. Making the most of exploiting the fallout from Scott Morrison & Australia’s more principled hardline policies on China’s human rights abuses.

Aaron 1 weeks

The original idea was to open China up to the west in hopes that they would reform and become more free and prosperous. They got the prosperity part but in the end it was a miserable failure and now are the largest threat to the world.


The implications of moving away from the rest of the five eyes countries and towards a totalitarian despotism finally dawns on this Olympically stupid politician.

Azshara 1 weeks

Good, death to the CCP

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