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Italian president gives Conte mandate to form new government

Italian president gives Conte mandate to form new government

Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella has given outgoing Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte a mandate to form a new government backed by a coalition of the 5-Star Movement and the Democratic Party (PD). Conte resigned as PM last week after the far-right League party withdrew from its coalition. Both M5S and the PD told the president Wednesday they were willing to try to form an administration with Conte.

Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo)
Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo) 1 year

After all the good work Salvini has done for Italy. Only to be destroyed by these globalists.

Minor_Complex 1 year

European politics is confusing. Salvini is a popular leader but a "snap" election makes a new government, the queen is just a figure head but she dissolved parliament the other day, and I constantly confuse the acronyms MP with military police. I'm sorry but as an American it just seems so. . . foreign.

Julian 1 year

He betrayed the Italian people. Call for an election!

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