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US companies in China say they’ve been hurt by trade war

US companies in China say they’ve been hurt by trade war

In a new poll, American businesses operating in China said they’ve been hurt by the hostilities between the two countries. In the US-China Business Council’s annual survey, 81 per cent of companies said they’ve been affected by the tensions, up from 73 per cent last year. 49 per cent said they’ve lost sales because of tariffs China imposed. 88 per cent said they have no plans to move out of China.

Pryotra 1 year

Oh no! Suddenly there is a cost for using Chinese children as slave labor to make things like Nike shoes and iPhones. Better make sure that we reimburse them for the unintended operating costs! Wait...

TheMadDane 1 year

Get the hell outta Commie China then.

Bulk Smash!!!
Bulk Smash!!! 1 year

Three words! ACCEPTABLE COLLATERAL DAMAGE! Why did they stay there when Trump was incentivizing coming back to this country. Sounds like they need to lie in the bed they made.

.       .
. . 1 year

Fucking idiots... It's like they can't give their money to China fast enough

Sir_Kutz 1 year

Boo hoo. Bring your company back to the US or STFU.

IvoryDove 1 year

There's no such thing as an "American company" any more. Multi-national corporations have no citizenship or loyalty to America. They have foreign stockholders, foreign management teams, and care more about profits and globalism than the "American Dream".

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year

That's kind of the point of a tariff.

F G 1 year

Oh and here was thinking that these companies were doing so well with all the child and (almost)slave labour that made them move to those countries in the first place. Thanks Trump, for making sure these companies are held accountable at least in a financial way

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 1 year

US companies... in China----oh, look at that, I suddenly stopped caring for some reason.

Heinz Peepo
Heinz Peepo 1 year

Traitors get the rope first.

Wolny Słowianin
Wolny Słowianin 1 year

Good. Move production back home

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 1 year

Come back to the US.

Akira Kevin
Akira Kevin 1 year


Jacob Barron
Jacob Barron 1 year

so trump did exactly what he set out to do bring jobs to the US.

Jason 1 year

China's cheap Labour and it's rips offs has been affecting the world for a lot longer.

Little Scar
Little Scar 1 year

Time to come home?

grantoyamaha 1 year

Fuck China 🖕🏿

Naidu VGA
Naidu VGA 1 year

All's fair in Love and War. Wakey wakey.

Angry Mister Yellow Face!
Angry Mister Yellow Face! 1 year

Boo fuqin’ hoo, communism never prospers.

Big Nate
Big Nate 1 year

Then bring your companies back to the U.S. You come back here you pay no tariffs.

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